Xbox 360 Demos

I tried connecting my Xbox 360 to the internet with my free Silver membership (I don't play games online anyways so I don't care about the Gold level) and what's cool are all the free game demos that you can download and play/try for free!

I just downloaded a couple of playable demo games: Topspin 2, Dead Rising, PES8 (soccer game) etc. The games are limited of course, but I can still play with Federer and Roddick in Topspin 2. Dead Rising is also cool but short...You are stuck in a mall with a bunch of zombies all over the place (sort of like that movie that came out a couple of years ago...forgot the name). I didn't think that getting free demo games was a big deal, but it's really nice to try out a lot of games at no cost and without even having to get off your couch!


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