Acer Aspire One

Acer's netbook is by far the best deal so far (at least in the US) starting at $349 with XP (or $329 with Linux).

Equipped with Intel® Atom™ processor, Windows XP Home, 1GB of RAM memory installed, 120 GB internal hard drive, and a three-cell battery, the Aspire one AOA150-1570 is now priced at $349.
Here in Montreal, selling "similar" spec'd netbooks at laptop prices like Asus ($550+) and MSI ($540+) have done so far is not a great strategy. So, right now it looks like Acer is all alone in first place for the moment in my books for a portable internet device...

1. Acer Aspire one
2. Apple iPod Touch (Sub-$199? If true, that would put it in first place.)
3. My old laptop

Also ran: Asus Eee, MSI Wind


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