NBA Finals Prediction...(Updated)

Update Game 7:
Spurs win, I'm right again!

Update Game 6:
Pistons dug deep and pulled through to force a Game 7...Spurs seemed to be off their game a little, but still kept things close...I'll stay with my original prediction and stick with the Spurs to win it all, but a great series no matter who wins...

Update Game 5:
Spurs go up 3-2 in games, thanks to "Big Shot Bob" (aka Robert Horry)...there's a reason he has all those championship rings (looking for his sixth title?) he hits shots when the team needs him to...he's able to raise his game, especially when the game is on the line.

Update Game 4:
Wow, Pistons finally picked up their game and dominated game 4...they were the underdog just like last year, now they look very dangerous...go Pistons! (I usually go for the underdog...)

Before the NBA Finals started I predicted the Spurs in 5 (mostly because of Tim Duncan, seeing how they handled the Suns so easily, and the Pistons coming off a long series against Shaq)...but still I never thought they would dominate the Pistons so easily in the first two games...

The first half of last night's Game 3 the Spurs played not great, but still led after the half. But something happened about mid way into the game, the Pistons started pressuring the Spurs and started popping the ball loose (at one point Pistons got 2-3 steals in about a minute), it felt like they started to score more easily and continued to limit the Spurs chances at the other end. It looks like the Pistons finally decided to show up and make this a series.

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