July 21, 2015

Xiaomi 10400mAh Battery Charger Review

Xiaomi is supposed to be coming to North America to start selling their battery chargers at some point in the near future, but I've got my hands on one directly from my trip to China. With 10400mAh it theoretically should be able to to be able to recharge your phone a couple to a few times over on a single charge. It has little lights on the side that light up so you know how much charge it has which is a nice touch.

Mi Battery Real Life Usage

It works flawlessly when tested with an iPhone 5S, a Xiaomi Note smartphone...But strangely enough, it didn't work with the Samsung Galaxy 3S (however, I shoudl note that this smartphone is known to have a history of battery charging issues even when plugged to a wall outlet). If you are lucky enough that it works with your phone, then it's great...Just plug it in and start charging your phone any time and any place.

Mi Battery Charger Unboxing Photos

Not much here to see, just a decent looking battery pack that comes with a micro USB to USB cable.

June 22, 2015

China (Wuxi, Shanghai and Hangzhou) Trip Review

Went to China for the first time and finally got around to posting a few photos. China is a big place and there's a lot to see (rural China and urban China are completely different). During this trip I only went to Wuxi, Shanghai and Hangzhou. So you may call this my "Urban China" experience.

Shopping malls in China can be pretty impressive...Definitely a step above what we have in Montreal.

May 10, 2015

Montreal: Sumi Dojo Restaurant Review

One more Japanese izakaya pub restaurant in Montreal. More and more are popping up around town and Sumi Dojo is another option in the eastern part of downtown Montreal. Food portions felt slightly larger than other Montreal izakaya places, a menu maybe slightly bigger and solid enough to eat if you are in the area and in the mood for it.

The floor to ceiling open windows gave it a terrace-like feel if you are seated near the outer window, which is nice. The drum to greet people is a different touch when compared to say Kinka Izakaya or Imadake. The bar also has a fireplace which is a nice touch. The chairs open up like a box, so you can place your belongings inside. I like the little touches like this. It was also somewhat quieter (at least that evening) than the other izakaya options in the Atwater/Concordia-area of downtown Montreal; which is appreciated...although that could be due to the open windows.

Sumi Dojo open windows in summer and signage

March 01, 2015

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Review for Telus (Chinese Version)

Xiaomi has recently become the world's largest smartphone third largest smartphone maker, behind only Samsung and Apple (with Lenovo and LG rounding out the top five). It's not a well known name in Canada (or anywhere in North America) yet, even if it is the largest smartphone vendor in China.

Along with their MIUI operating system for smartphones (based on Android), Xiaomi has expanded into a wider range of consumer electronics, such as TVs, set top box and external batteries among other things. This review is for their Redmi Note 4G smartphone, a phone that has helped boost Xiaomi's overall popularity with a combination of solid specs, decent looks and a great value (not sold in North America, as far as I know).

Unboxing Redmi Note 4G Photos

Now we move on to the unboxing photos where we can see that the phablet is quite large, dwarfing the power adapter that comes with it...My main phone is the iPhone 5S and the difference is pretty noticeable.

Redmi Note 4G box waiting to be opened

December 31, 2014

Montreal: Kinka Izakaya Review

So another new Japanese Izakaya restaurant called Kinka Izakaya has opened up in Montreal, this time from the same people who brought us Guu Izakaya in Toronto which I've been to just over a year ago. I made reservations for six people and made sure to be on time, as it was sure to be a busy night (which it was).