December 17, 2016

Samsung LS24F350FHNXZA LED Monitor Review

Picked up this Samsung LED monitor on sale at $150 which I thought was a decent deal. This is a 24" monitor, but with more recent technology behind it, when compared to my trusty old Philips monitor (which is still running strong six years later). The only real practical downside (for me at least) is that there's no built-in speaker, and that it only has a 1-year warranty (reading my old review, I was surprised that my old Philips monitor had a 4-year warranty!)

In any case, the Samsung LS24F350FHNXZA monitor (who chooses these product names?) is thinner than a dime at the top, and gradually gets thicker towards the bottom. It's about 50% thinner than my old monitor, and almost half the weight (2.8 kg vs 5.0 kg without the stand). The image quality and colours do seem to be a step up compared to my old LCD monitor, however it's the blacks that are noticeably much better. Being an PLS (Plane Line Switching) LCD monitor this was expected in a monitor with six years newer tech. (Note: PLS is Samsung's proprietary display design, similar to IPS In-Plane Switching technology) The real test is whether this monitor will also stand the test of time. I guess we'll see!
Samsung official photo

September 26, 2016

My Instagram Feed

Not posting much lately, just busy and will probably just stick to product reviews in the future if I ever get some new toys to play with. I'm finding it easy to Instagram my food photos, so I'll keep doing that and just put my feed on here.

June 03, 2016

Toronto: Harbin BBQ Restaurant Review

Was out in Toronto for a short trip and ended up trying a place called Harbin BBQ. Pretty casual place, something that I don't think is available in Montreal.

BBQ squid #chinese #restaurant #foodporn #food #scarborough #toronto

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March 15, 2016

Montreal: Bistro Isakaya Restaurant Review

Went to Bistro Isakaya recently for dinner, and it's not the same vibe or menu that you'd get at other popular isakaya places like Kinka Izakaya, Imadake or Kazu. It has a "mom and pop" type of feel and doesn't feel as cramped as some of the other popular isakaya options. Of course I took as many pictures as I could, trying to minimize the leaning over people, snapping pictures of other people's food (the things I do for this blog).

We all went for dinner plates and as the pictures imply...The food was great! Although if you are hungry, you'd definitely need to order an appetizer (or two, or three) and dessert to get your fill..Or maybe I felt that way because the food was good.
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February 23, 2016

Costco Product Review: Pinty's Crispy Chicken Wings

This is the first in a new series of Costco product review posts that I will write about. I figure that there are other people like me are curious about trying out various Costco products but don't always want to risk buying a large quantity of food that they end up hating, and have to force themselves to eat over the course of a month. As usual, with food it's somewhat personal but you can generally get most people to agree if some food item is good or bad.

Tastes Good, Disappointing Amount of Chicken Wings

The first thing I have to say up front is that opening up the box was a disappointing experience. The box reads 1.75kg, so you might expect 1.75kg of chicken wings...But you'd be wrong. With three different sauces in four packs, about 20% of the weight is just sauce. I'm sure most people like me, are buying this for the chicken wings with the sauce just an extra. The chicken wings are larger than what you might get with other brands though. You might literally only get 24 chicken wings (12 in each pack) in the entire box. So that was a let down for me. I ended up BBQ-ing them on a grill, and they did taste pretty good. Some were pretty thick and I had to throw them into the oven to be sure they were cooked properly. There are better deals out there, but these are fine if you are really in the mood for chicken wings.

Pinty's Crispy Chicken Wings Photos

Pinty's Crispy Chicken Wings box
Only 2 bags of wings and lots of sauce