April 16, 2014

Montreal: GaNaDaRa Korean Restaurant Review

Heard about GaNaDaRa recently, a place that seems to be popular with students and went to try it out on a weekday night. It's casual, Korean food that seemed to be not quite as expensive as other Korean restaurants around Montreal (but not as casual either).

There was a small line up going outside as we arrived, which was a bit of a surprise. So we had to wait maybe 15 minutes or so before being seated. I wasn't expecting much, but luckily the wait was worth it and food turned out to be nice surprise.

I asked the waiter for their most popular dishes (bulgogi and rib eye beef) and both were quite tasty. While the portions did not look very large, it was more filling than I thought (albeit I'm definitely not the biggest eater around).

GaNaDaRa: Worth a Try

If you like spicy Korean food they do have dishes that crank up the heat, but they also have non-spicy food that caters to people like me. In short, it's a place that I would definitely like to try again.

It's tight in there, it seats about 30 people at most

March 18, 2014

Sign Up With American Express, Get a Free Trip

I'm not usually into signing up for credit cards just to get free stuff (those kind of promos seem to be all over the place), but this one by American Express is actually pretty good and worth the hassle.

For the trouble of signing up for the American Express® AeroplanPlus Gold Card (and then cancelling the card later, like most people will do), you will get 30,000 Aeroplan miles—or pretty much a free round trip flight in North America...Not bad at all.

Three Kingdoms TV Series Review

Breaking Bad, Walking Dead and one of my old personal favorites 24, are all great television series. So when I was looking for the next thing, I never expected it to be a historical fiction Chinese TV series.

I just finished off watching the Three Kingdoms TV series where I had pretty much no expectations. But, once I started it didn't take long before it got a hold on me. I found it to be quite entertaining and informative at the same time. All the events are based on real historical events in China's history (169 AD-280 AD), which I had absolutely no knowledge about before. I pulled this line from a travel web site, that describes it perfectly:

"It is considered to be a special historical period full of power struggles and sophisticated military strategies"

Lui Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei brothers

February 28, 2014

What It's Like to Have an iPhone for the First Time

I've read a lot of articles over the years about the iPhone and the crazy sales figures that made Apple into the world's most valuable company and brand. They have loyal and dedicated customers, but I was never one of them. While the battle raged on between Apple's iOS smartphones and Google's Android smartphone, I've been on the sidelines as "dumbphone" user. It's only just a couple of years ago that I started using smartphones (Android).

My first iPhone

January 23, 2014

Montreal: Holder Restaurant Review

If you are looking for a French bistro style restaurant in Old Montreal, Holder fits the bill. It's is casual trendy restaurant where the food is good enough, and not terribly overpriced compared to many other places like this in Montreal. Street parking was pretty easy to get on an early Saturday evening at 5:30pm. That's always a plus (assuming you are willing to get there for an early dinner).

Photo of Holder Tilapia Dish