8BitDo Lite 2 Bluetooth Gamepad Review


I picked up this Bluetooth gamepad controller to try and play some games wirelessly on an Android tablet or even a smartphone (the specs also say that it works with Apple devices and the Nintendo Switch). After taking a minute to pair it, it worked right away! Note: If you try to use it on Windows, the gamepad doesn't seem to really work properly out of the box (they don't say that Windows is supported, so this is more of an FYI).

Physically it's quite small and not as comfortable as a full sized Xbox gamepad controller...It's more of a portable device that doesn't take much space that you would use while travelling, such as a long plane flight. It feels well made and fully featured, with dual joysticks, triggers and shoulder buttons too! It's specifically targeted for those looking to play games on a tablet or smartphone, but prefer a physical controller. I like it for what it is!

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