Google Pixel 7 128GB Smartphone Review


I still like my Pixel 4a from a couple of years ago. Even after I dropped it one day on concrete and the screen cracked (spreading crack lines covering about 30% of the I know why I should avoid plastic body phones...). It still works and performance is still decent, but the small screen combined with the cracks made reading content annoying at times. 

With the Black Friday deals ($649 CAD) Google offered this year on their new Pixel 7 smartphones, and the camera features it has over the Pixel 4a (wide and ultrawide lens, Photo Unblur...for what it's worth, I have no interest or need for a zoom lens); I decided to pick up the Lemongrass Pixel 7. 

My quick thoughts:
  • Feels quite heavy for a smartphone (maybe not everyone will like the weight).
  • Glass back and metal body does give it a premium feel. If you have dry hands like me, it generally feels slippery, but that'll be fixed when I get my phone protector delivered.
  • I miss the fingerprint detector on the back of the phone, since it felt more intuitive to me than pressing my finger on the screen. 
  • Recording videos with the wide lens camera (114° field of view) is nice.
  • I hope this one doesn't crack if/when I drop it one day.
My biggest disappointment with the Google Pixel 7 :
  • The front-facing selfie camera is supposed to have a 92.8° ultrawide field of view. Unfortunately, for video it loses that capability, and doesn't look any different than my Pixel 4a's selfie video camera (72.4° according to some research I did). This is probably my biggest disappointment with the Pixel 7, since I wanted to record sports activities in selfie mode with a wider camera angle.

Google Pixel 7 Unboxing Photos

Google's Pixel 7 marketing photo

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