Miss Universe Canada: Natalie Glebova

I pulled this from the Montreal Gazette yesterday:
"I was surprised," she said of the initial muted reaction, during her first official Canadian appearance, held yesterday at the Casino de Montreal. She looked luminous despite having just stepped off a 16-hour flight from a 10-day South African tour, where she learned about the region as part of her new role in spreading AIDS awareness.
Miss Universe Canada: Natalie Glebova
Natalie Glebova with the flag...woohoo!

Beauty pageants are "not in our culture," and Nat's probably right...I'll admit I don't watch these things, but a Canadian actually won something on the international stage (I'm not counting hockey) which is nice for a change! Reminds me of a line from Rick Mercer, "Canada is going to invest $110 million to win more medals in the upcoming Olympics...that's a whole lot of Bronze!"

Where's the coverage? Only the second Canadian to win in 53 YEARS...I didn't even know she was here in Montreal until she was gone...Canadian = Miss Universe, doesn't happen everyday if you ask me.
Miss Universe Canada: Natalie Glebova
At least Miss Universe made the Metro front page...
and a blog entry here woohoo!

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