Longest Yard (Dollar Cinema)

I've heard about Dollar Cinema for a while now, but this is the first time I actually went. What you can expect: the theatre is old similar to the ones in the 90s, before all the new megaplexes were built. That means the seats are old and small, the floors are sticky from spilt soda, and there's no floor incline. There's no ticket booth and no tickets; you simply pay for everything all at once at the food counter. And, it only costs a Canadian dollar (not including tax). Just for comparison, for the price of one ticket at Paramount (~$10.00), four people can get in here, as well as get two drinks and two popcorns (Total: $9.60).

Once the movie starts you don't really notice the shortcomings of the theatre itself (although the front speakers seemed to be a little loud), and as for the movie, it's probably Adam Sandler's best movie I've seen...it's serious/funny (sounds strange but true) which made that buck seem well spent.

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