The Fast and The Furious (Or Not)

Rob brought us to pool with Jay's car, which may not have been the best idea, since it smelled of some sort of oily rust-proofing material...the smell must have affected Jay's mental capacities somewhat since his driving was suspect at times.

Example: Instead of heading towards the casino, we somehow end up tearing it up at the Gilles Villeneuve race track, normally reserved for F1 cars racing around at speeds up to 300km/h. The track difficulty lived up to its name, and at 30km/h Jay somehow managed to lose control and drive off the track momentarily. Getting lost always makes the drive more interesting, and we ended up doing a lap; against three limos who apparently had the same idea we did. We successfully made a passing maneuver to overtake the limos and take the lead. But near the end of the lap, Jay got confused and one of the limos burned it, and passed us on the way out.

At the casino, we pooled together and hit the War table...and things were getting ugly real fast...luckily Mel took over and bailed us out with a few badly needed wins to keep us alive for longer than 10 minutes. Next was Sic Bo(?) Jay's specialty...we managed to stay about even there, then hit the Blackjack tables. We should have stayed at the Sic Bo table...the dealer kept getting these hands, and there's really nothing you can do at this point but watch helplessly. We got taken down to our last few chips, and had to go back and win at Sic Bo just to be able to play BlackJack again...well, that was the plan and it didn't work either.

We pooled for one more hand of BlackJack, and it just wasn't our night. We pooled again for a bit of Roulette, but it was going too slow so we made a final stand at the BlackJack table (I wanted to play the horse racing game, and watch the plastic horsies run around the track...).

This time I recommended Mel (a newbie) to take a seat at the BlackJack table...the idea is to get 21 without going over, and starting with a 12 is pretty much as bad as it gets...we got a 12...but won! Then another 12, another win...and again...three 12s in a row. If there was anything such as Beginner's luck, this was it. In the next 30 minutes or so Mel probably won about 75% of her hands, taking us all the way out of negative territory to just ahead for the night, and sending us home happy. What a comeback! Two thumbs up for Mel!


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