Gangsta's Paradise...

Last night myself, Randy, and Robert were standing outside our's sometime around midnight, it's cold out, pitch black and there's virtually no one in the street; except us chatting it up, and Rob waving his arms as he's telling his story...

It's quiet at this time, so you kind of take notice of anyone that happens to walk by, or any cars that speed by. Even the police cruiser patrolling the streets is not in a rush to get anywhere.

The cruiser slowly passes by us, and then right in the middle of the street it stops...its rearlights light up and the cop car backs up...right up to where we are standing...that's kind of strange I thought...the cop lady asks Rob in French, "Are you OK?", Rob quickly waves her off. Why in the world did she ask him that? Then it dawned on me...I've heard of some gangs in our area, and so she must have thought Randy and I were holding him up...gangsta style! LOL! I guess we have that dangerous/intimidating aura going now it's official: we look like gangstas!

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