Bryan Adams at Bell Centre Review

It's was a pretty cold night hitting close to -20 C, with the windchill factor...but it was worth it...great show once again! Especially, after the subpar Staind show...

We walked in with our 8"x11" sheet computer printouts of our tickets and caught the end of the opening act by Divine Brown, which was perfect timing to hear her last and most popular single.

Bryan Adams simply walked onto stage as if he were a stage hand and then the crowd went crazy...I haven't listened to his music for awhile, but when he started playing all his hits you start to realize how many great songs he's made over the years...a lot.

Of course, this blog entry won't be complete without mentioning his singing partner for "When You're Gone", a song he's recorded with Mel. C and a remake with Pamela Anderson.

As usual he chose a girl onto the stage to sing with him. They do a mini-interview on stage, with simple questions like "What's your name?", "What do you do?", "Where are you from?" which she replied in her deep voice, "Joelle", "FIDO!, NOKIA! WOOOH!", and "France, Niagara Falls, Everywhere!" least she got 1 out of 3 questions right...I think.

They started singing the song and her deep voice kind of got lost in the music. It was a sight to behold (think "Worst of Canadian Idol"), it was so funny to watch her make sounds with her mouth (even Bryan Adams was starting to crack up in mid song), but give her credit at least she knew the words, and gave the 10,000+ crowd a nice laugh.

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