What's Wrong With Theodore?

What's Wrong With Theodore? That's the question on many people's mind. I posted about it before. Everyone's wondering where his game has gone without any answer. Well, I have the answer right here: Nothing.

Yes, that's right: Nothing. As in there's nothing wrong with him. At first this may seem to be a strange answer, until you think about it a little. I've held back my posting after seeing Theodore play a couple of more stinkers, while Huet was keeping things together (Theodore: 0 shutouts in half a season of play... Huet: 2 shutouts in 48 hours... Proving I'm right once again: Priceless).

But, I've been saying this for years Theo's overrated plain and simple. He's playing at a level that's relatively normal for him. It's still a great accomplishment, because he's made a nice multi-million dollar NHL career.

But, this level of play is nothing new. It's just much more visible now with the new NHL rules in play. Theodore obviously benefited from the clutch and grab NHL days, and smartly signed a contract before he played one second in the new NHL. He's got a good agent give him that.

This pics says it all...

Montreal (AP) - Theodore, the NHL MVP in 2001-02, has allowed 18 goals on 63 shots in his last four games for a .714 save percentage and an 8.44 goals-against-average

Only now people are starting to realize what I already knew, Theo should have been traded years ago (instead we lose Vokoun and Garon, then have to use a top draft pick in Carey Price)...But, it's too late now, we can only hope he can turn things around and be an average goaltender; while we watch Huet do the job...

This is something funny someone made on eBay: Jose Theodore Auction

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