24: Jack Bauer is Screwed!

Well the 24 season finale didn't disappoint and left things hanging for next season (January 2007). The season was great and solid throughout...easily one of the top two seasons so far (and I've seen them all). That's why he's signed on for a couple more seasons, I mean who wouldn't want to keep producing a top notch and popular show?

[SPOILER Stop reading if you plan on watching season 5!]
Now that you've ignored the above warning, after taking down the President, Jack is covertly kidnapped and taken away by the Chinese government...and no one knows where to start looking for him!!! Oh boy he's screwed now! In the last 2 minutes of the "real-time" show he's already beaten to a pulp and being shipped across the ocean...they sure don't waste any time! Season 6 can't get here soon enough!

Jack looking to the future, and it looks really bad....As usual...

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