PS3 Is Coming

Yes, the PS3 is on its way for only $659 Canadian (compared to $599 US)...This must be the first time Sony didn't rip us off on the exchange ratefor electronics. It's not unusual to see mark-ups of 50% (and more) for the same item right across the border (just compare any two TV at Besy Buy for example). Why electronics insanely jump up in price is a mystery.

Anyways, at this price you can probably get the XBOX360 AND Nintendo's Wii consoles...I'm sure it'll do quite well and be the #1 console, but it'll be interesting to see how much market share Sony's PS3 will be able take for this generation of console gaming.

Currently the market is divided as follows:
70% - Sony
15% - Microsoft
15% - Nintendo

My updated prediction (it seems that the Nintendo Wii actually works as advertised...):
40% - Sony
30% - Microsoft
30% - Nintendo

Sony will pretty much get at least 40% of the market...It's a low ball estimate...Many hard-core fans and people with some money to spend, will buy it no matter how much it costs. If it doesn't sell too sell, they'll just drop the price and grab more buyers. Microsoft and Nintendo both doubling their market share will be a nice improvement for both companies.

Controller looks exactly like before, except for the apparent lack of vibration feedback

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