Nasty Show

Saw the Nasty Show for the first time at Club Soda. Walked in at exactly 9:30pm, when the show is supposed to start...not good when it's a self-serve seating arrangement. I'm sure that even one hour before the show started the place was already packed.

So, of course when we get there we search around the back hoping for an open seat, but there's only standing room left. Walking out to either get a refund or get some help, a security guy walks up to us and says "You guys looking for seats?". So, naturally we say yes, and to our surprise he says "There are two seats right up front", maybe 5 rows from the stage! Cool! How this miracle happened I have no idea. That's how I like it, no lineups and good seats, sweet!

Oh yeah the show was not bad, a few good jokes here and there, but a little predictable at times...since everything had to be "nasty".

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