Rogers Cup - Free Tickets, Hingis, and Navratilova

Started out looking for tix, and we went looking for resellers (aka scalpers), since they seemed to be the best option at that point. Walking around for a scalper, these two teens asked if we needed tennis tix...I was like "Huh? What are they trying to pull on us?"...But they just had a pass for two free tix, and since they weren't using them they gave it to us...Cool, nice guys!

We saw Hingis practice, and ended the day watching some doubles tennis. Then out of nowhere, a couple of people were ducking, and quickly darted up the stairs in the middle of the game and sat right behind us (FYI: you are supposed to wait outside until changeovers to not disturb the players). I caught a glimpse of one of them and it was Martina Navratilova who seated herself right behind me, so I guess that makes it "OK".

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