NHL Hockey Pool 2006-07 (0 games)

After taking a look the draft results in our hockey pool this year, I've got to say that Jay is the favourite again. On many occasions, he snapped up guys just before me...Guys I was about to take. This year there is no heavy weighting on goalies, and whoever has the best group of forwards has a clear advantage this year. Rob has a pretty well balanced team, Randy has good forwards, but Jay's picks make him stand out just a litle more than the rest of us.


Kovalchuk, Jagr, Spezza, Briere, Zetterberg, Jokinen, Naslund, and Forsberg...How does that sound for a core group of forwards? I don't know how Jay does it every year, but he robbed us again putting together a forward contingent like no other...He robbed 3 or 4 of those guys just before me...

Forwards Advantage: Jay


With defencemen getting a points bonus I chose defencemen early and it shows: Zubov, Gonchar, Pronger, Boyle, Schneider, and Liles. I'm happy with that group, but I sacrificed maybe too much, and let Jay take too many top forwards...

Defencemen Advantage: Ryan


Everyone has young goalies on their team this year...Goalies who may or may not play a lot (see last year's Conklin and Raycoft)...So it's a toss up to see who does well...Although with Hasek, Rob could make a big move with him...

Goaltender Advantage: No one


In the end it all comes down to the forwards. Last year, Jay did a superb job of drafting, but was ultimately let down by his goalies. This year such weighting doesn't exist, and Jay once again drafted incredibly well, even grabbing Lidstrom and Brodeur to complement his forwards.

Overall Favourite: Jay

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