Ice Storm 2006?

What started out as a little frost and rain in the morning, was freezing rain and slush at noon, and a total mess in the evening.

The walk home from work was quite interesting, as I saw a small sized tree snapped at the base of its trunk right out of the metro station.  "OK that was weird", I thought to myself, "It didn't seem like there was that much ice today".  

Then walking up my street there were branches up to 6 meters long (that's about 20 feet for you non-metric people) all lying around the ground, broken off from trees due to the weight of the ice.   That's when I realized how dangerous it was just to walk home.  A huge branch full of ice could fall on me any second! (That's a bad thing.)

 The street lights were out too, and I was wondering if this was a '98 ice storm all over again.  I ended up walking in the middle of the street all the way home at full alertness, looking at all the ice-laden tree branches above and below me...thank goodness it's Friday!

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