STM = Easy Job

Update: After talking to a co-worker, it seems that it's actually worse in France (almost every year a strike). So be happy you are in Montreal!

Update 2: They must be pulling scare tactics...Yesterday, they told everyone to get off the metro for some "incident"...No one was happy about that. Especially for those who missed the same train after coming back online just 1 minute later.

Yes, they are on strike once again. The STM transit mechanics and maintenance workers who average over $50,000 a year in salary have decided to take a break. And why not? They still get 75% of their salary to run the public transit system 8 hours a day for "essential services". Normally, the metro and buses run for about 18 hours a day. This is a vacation for them.

This is life in Montreal, and it's sad that striking is the norm here immediately once a contract expires. This is the 15th time they went on strike in the last four decades. If anything, you can count on them to go on strike whenever they get the chance. This strike will not end anytime soon, that's for sure...and neither will the next one.

Yes! Striking is so much fun! Let's do it again next time!

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