Logitech LX710 Cordless Keyboard Review

First, I tried the more expensive Logitech MX3200 model, but it must have been faulty (keyboard didn't work at all) and I had to return it. During that time, I got to try out Logitech's email customer support who were fairly responsive (even if a lot of the answers were canned responses). In any case, they seem to stand behind their products, which why I bought another Logitech keyboard/mouse.

Anyways, I just got this LX710 model not too long ago, popped in the new batteries that come with it and...it works woohoo! I tested the range of the USB receiver, and it seems to be about 8 feet (pretty good). The keyboard by itself seems to have an even farther range than that (Wow, cool I'm typing this sentence right now at about 12 feet...nice!) The mouse doesn't respond as well beyond 9-10 feet. So far so good. I just have to see if these are energy suckers, and see how long the batteries really last.

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  1. You mean popped in the batteries, not poopped!lol

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