Nadal Undefeated at French Open

Well, this was an easy one to call: Federer losing. Sounds weird for possibly the best tennis player ever, but not when you are talking about playing against Nadal on clay.

Federer beat Nadal a couple of weeks ago, but that was clearly a small miracle. Nadal is nearly impossible to beat on clay (he's won something like 80 matches in a row?!), and was hot coming in to the finals. Federer on the other hand was playing just "good enough" to make the finals; he needed to be at his best to even have a chance against Nadal.

Federer did well to win a set, (which was more than all the other guys in the tournament were able to produce against Nadal) but it was clear that he wasn't going to win it the way he was playing (choking away 10 break points didn't help either). Maybe next year!

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