The Asian Invasion (Just For Laughs)

Just saw this Just for Laughs comedy show which is part of the Club Series called The Asian Invasion at the Spectrum. Surprisingly, they didn't open up the upper balcony (they should have just closed the doors instead of teasing everyone with empty seats) but that's another story. I was pretty skeptical at first going into the show; but in the end it was just about four guys (plus a show host, so five really) cracking us up throughout.

Especially the last three guys in the show: KT Tatara, Jazz Mann and Jo Koy. The other two guys Mark Saldana (host) and Jeffery Yu were good, just not as funny as the other guys...but still a great lineup I must say. I thought it was all hilarious; especially if you are a fan of Russell Peters then you will like the guys in this show for sure. I haven't seen all that many comedy shows over the years, but this one rates pretty high with me.

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