Car Buying in the USA = Save $10,000

With the loonie hitting an amazing $0.96 USD these days, no wonder Canadians are shopping in the US whenever they can. For whatever reason, things in Canada are just more expensive in general; cars are no exception.

This article talks about cars being more expensive here (duh) and doesn't really say anything meaningful or interesting. But, if you read the comments...Wow, then you see people are easily saving $5,000, $10,000 and even $20,000 for buying like-new cars in the US!

Of course there's some conditions to be aware of, and you have to do your homework. After reading a couple of posts I think you can only buy used cars...So this means look for slightly used cars (maybe 5-10,000 km on it), pay your taxes, duties, inspection fee etc. If you live near the US, then this is pretty good option for you!

One poster in particular really goes into detail for how to do this...

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