Got Hackers? Videotron: Tough Luck

After getting our third Videotron internet cable modem installed in just over a year (apparently they are "burning out"), now comes the wireless hackers.

According to Videotron Customer Service we've got hackers attacking our secure wireless network...And whoever it is is downloading gigabytes of data at our expense (at 900 KB/second no less). All this while the cable internet connection is not even working (can't even get a web page to open for ourselves).

Think they would help out a loyal customer with recurring modem issues this one time? Nope. Not surprisingly, I got the "We don't quite understand the issue, but sorry there's nothing we can do about it" response. Just thought you'd want to know this if you're thinking about going with Videotron cable internet. That 30GB limit offered by Bell Sympatico (only 20GB with Videotron High-Speed Internet cable) looks better each day...

Where is Google's free wireless service when you need it?! Come to Montreal, Google! You're our only hope!

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