LG 8600 Chocolate Flip Phone Review

I finally upgraded my phone, after my old one finally broke down after many years of service, falls on concrete, and hitting other hard surfaces...Let's hope this one is as durable too...I'm totally out of the loop of what cell phones can do these days, but some nice things I like are:

__mp3 playback and touch controls:
Now I can pretty much add the songs I want and use my cell like an iPod. Also, has touch sensitive controls when closed, so I can skip songs just like an iPod.

__Expandable Micro SD card slot:
Adds a couple of GBs to you cell phone for music or images; easily copy them from your PC.

__GPS feature:
Free trial, but still fun to play with, "Turn left at Villeray...". Actually, it's quite useful, especially when driving to unfamiliar places...It tells you what to do (stay right or right turn coming up etc.) so you don't even really have to look at the screen. But, it can take time to pick up your signal at the start of a drive.

The usual stuff like camera, recording video, and attaching a photo to contacts in your address book is a nice touch too.

On the weak side, is the battery life...I know you have to break them in sometimes, but I can't say that I'm impressed with the battery life I've seen so far (got a few hours of music on a single charge). I'll probably have to recharge it every second day.

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