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Bought my first (and last) GE cordless phone that died after a couple of months of inconsistent use, from another lying Futureshop salesman ("Oh yeah, that's a good phone"). So far this basic and not expensive 5.8 GHz VTech model is doing the job so far. Clear reception and good battery life is all I really ask for from a phone. The reception is good, and as long as the battery holds up I will be satisfied.

June 2010 Update: The phone itself works fine...It's the battery that is pretty much useless now. It hardly holds a charge for more than a day now (my bro has the same model and experiences the same). I don't "abuse" the battery by letting it charge all day either. I've rarely even used the phone (I'm not much of a talker). So you get what you pay for I suppose...Although it's still a huge improvement over the GE phone I previously had.


Anonymous said...

Is your phone/battery still holding up? Thanks for your comment/blog. I just purchased this phone and I am checking reviews before I open the package. It was really inexpensive.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment. Yes, so far the battery is holding up well for me. I can't complain about the battery. It lasts way longer than the previous phone I had...At this point (2 months of usage) I can still recommend it...

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