"Fan Error"

Back to my laptop story....What happened was a "Fan Error" message that appeared, whenever I booted up the laptop. It would turn on, then after about 10 seconds it would show "Fan Error" and then shut down. My laptop is now a doorstop.

Unlike a PC where you may be able to fix it yourself, or get someone you know to fix it, fixing a laptop usually means getting it done by a professional. So, where do you go to have a laptop fixed in Montreal? I have no idea. Most of you probably don't either, unless you went through this yourself.

So I tried Microbytes where they apparently fix PCs, but not laptops...Nice. I asked the Microbytes guy where I can go for laptops...He only knew of one place (somewhere out in Dorval). This is a guy who fixes PCs for a living, and he only knows one place in all of Montreal.

So I emailed the Dorval place, and got the impression that it would cost $300+ for the estimate and actual fix...More tomorrow...

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