Minor Bowling Miracle

I'm a horrible bowler. No question about it. After bowling in the 50s (yep that's right) with friends for two consecutive games the other day, there's really no point in denying my horrendous bowling "skills". That day I hit so many bad shots, I was wearing out the gutter lanes. At one point I had a grand total score of 16 after four frames. I was actually happy to break 50 by the end of it. Oh and I also hurt my thumb which may have prevented me from hitting a 60. Not legendary stuff I can tell you.

So, of course I went back the day after for another solid dose of embarrassment with different friends. Let them also see how many gutter balls I can hit. But...this time it didn't happen. In the second game I started off the first frame with a strike! Boom! (In my last three games played, I couldn't even muster a single spare let alone a strike.) I was thankful for my fluke shot, and took my second shot...Strike! Nice! In the third frame strike again! Holy smokes my first ever turkey! I had 82 points by the fourth frame. I knew I couldn't keep it going, but hoped that if I was able to pick up some spares along the way I would end up with a decent score. I hit three more clutch spares and some nines to end up with a final tally of 159! Yes, there are still miracles left in 2007!

P.S. I got a printout of my score, if no one believes my 159 (trust me if you had seen me play before you'd have trouble imagining me hitting any pins at all)...I can hardly believe it myself...

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