Xbox 360 Rainbow Six Vegas Review

Sure I'm late in reviewing this (the sequel is on store shelves already), but if you haven't played it yet then this is still new for you!

I'm almost near the end of the game, and the graphics are quite good as expected (this is my first HD experience at home). After playing the game some more, I began to appreciate how this really blows away the Rainbow Six on the old Xbox in gameplay and especially graphics. So much fun that I may actually play it through again on a higher difficulty (which I rarely do for only a handful of games). This is my type of game so of course I will recommend it.

I purposely did not play Bioshock yet, as it's supposed to be game of the year material and have mind blowing graphics, amazing gameplay and story telling...I hope it's not overrated like the Halo series, GTA series and Final Fantasy series...I will see soon enough...

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