Grand Theft Auto IV

I have to say something about Grand Theft Auto IV that just came out and is getting perfect scores from many reviewers. I am definitely NOT going to run out and get this game. If it's anything at all like the GTA III: San Andreas on PC that I've played, then I already know what I need to know. It's boooring!

Why is it boring?
  • Some missions are just plain stupid and difficult due to lousy controls
  • You have to restart a boring mission from the beginning if you are unable to complete it in one shot.
  • There are no save or check points.
  • Missions are often far apart which requires too much driving around
  • It's a sandbox game where you can't really do anything. 98% of the buildings around you are just for looks. You cannot go inside any of those buildings.
  • I am unable to interact with people on the street (other than beat them up). Even though I know thought that you can do more than that.

I think that's enough. I just don't get it. One day I may check it out, and hopefully I am wrong about this version.

Update: As expected, I'm not wrong. It's EXACTLY like the last Grand Theft Auto game I've played. Horrible controls, and get ready to restart every freakin' long mission from the beginning...I'm glad I got this used...Thankfully it didn't really cost me that much. Back to Mass Effect 2.

Update 2: I've given it some more time, and the controls are pretty brutal. The coolest parts of the game are when you are not really playing...I know weird. The city and landmarks really remind you of New York City, and taking a cab ride as a passenger actually feels like the real thing which is kind of neat.

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