D-Link Wireless G Router Review (WBR-1310)

I was looking for a decent router that has both wireless AND wired capabilities without breaking the wallet...And as long as it works reliably and for a long time then I am happy. I had an old inexpensive 4-port wired router that lasted four years, so I hope this one that lasts that long too.

I decided to pick up this D-Link Wireless G Router (WBR-1310) at Best Buy for $30 (supposedly on "sale" for 50% off). Not the fastest wireless connection on the market, but the price was right and as long as it works I don't care about anything else. I could have sprung the extra cash for a faster wireless connection, but I just don't need it.

I started using the install wizard that came on the CD (it can be easier if you've never done it before), but I guess I am old school and prefer to make my settings on the router's own internal web page (just enter in a web browser).

Connection strength drops a bar when in a different room, but so far it works as expected. Also, the router is physically quite a bit smaller than I expected. If it breaks down any time soon, you'll be sure to hear it here on my blog.

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  1. After about a month of unreliable internet connectivity, I've officially retired my old D-Link WBR-1310 router. Even wired connections were failing at times, which was the last straw. It almost made it to 5 years of continuous use so it's not too bad.

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