Apple iPod Touch $199 Rumour

Could the rumour be true? An iPod Touch for $199? Even if it's only 8GB that would be pretty good. At sub-$200 that would be a great price point for impulse buying...Compare that rumour to the $279 + taxes (i.e. ~$320) for the current 8GB version.

If web-surfing is the main reason for picking one up, price-wise it would be a pretty good alternative to the many different netbooks that are on the market (too many to keep track of at this point).

iPod Touch
This was just announced, so now we have to see when it hits the stores in Montreal. The games that it can apparently play look pretty impressive...It looks like it can replace the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS for some casual gaming. Nice bonus! I never knew it was also a capable game machine--something to keep an eye on in the future.

Assuming the US prices announced are the same here in Canada (yeah I know very bad assumption) it should mean at least a modest price drop:

8GB = $229 vs $279 ($50 drop)
16GB = $299 vs $369 ($70 drop)
32GB = $399 vs $479 ($80 drop)

Early reviews have said it's a noticeable upgrade from the 1st gen iPod Touch (apparently was lacking in many ways, despite being very cool). If the new US announced prices hold here in Canada this will look very tempting and will move to the top of my "mobile internet device" list. Still a little expensive, but $100 cheaper than a decent spec'd netbook.

1. Apple iPod Touch 16GB (if $299)
2. Acer Aspire one, or Dell Inspiron Mini 9 ($399)
3. My current laptop ($0)

Also ran: Asus Eee, MSI Wind

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