Montreal: Madison's NY Bar & Grill (DDO) Review

Went here to eat for the first time on a Sunday night. I decided that I will always mention the exact day, since I believe it makes a big difference in evaluating any restaurant experience. (Going to pretty much any busy restaurant on a Friday or Saturday night will almost always mean that the food and/or service will suffer in some way...It's just the way it is...)

Good Place to Eat

In any case, Madison's NY Bar & Grill was maybe semi-full the night we went. The restaurant was relatively new at the time, and sometimes the food service can suffer a bit when you are talking about a new restaurant.

But we had no such worries...The food and service was quick and good. The decor of the place is also very nice and modern looking (something that I rarely ever notice). I'll agree with my friends' assessment of the menu: It's like your typical ribs and steakhouse in Montreal, but not as expensive. I would check it out again.

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