Softmodding My Old Xbox - Part 3

I followed the instructions I found carefully and used my own common sense to fill in the blanks when things did not play out as precisely as I thought (which is always scary—knowing you can break your Xbox).

I took the risk and can now say I have successfully modded my Xbox! Woohoo! Right after that, I installed XBMC (Xbox Media Center) and as many have said, it's totally worth the trouble and risk—if your Xbox is collecting dust lately.

The downside is that the XBMC software is a little more buggy than I would like (knowing that it's free and still does a good job). But, I have found that if I don't try anything "complicated" then things should work fine (i.e. avoid crashing). Also, be aware that the Xbox is very picky at times when reading disc media. Reading media off the hard drive is much more reliable.

Still it's kind of crazy to know that my old Xbox with XBMC can now do more than my unmodded Xbox 360 (even if some features don't work 100%). Assuming you can get the mod to work, it's a great way to upgrade your old Xbox. The truth is I don't miss my Xbox 360 that much anymore since the mod.

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