Montreal: Roberto Restraurant Review

Went there for the first time last summer on a Saturday (I think) and the slow roasted piglet was great. I don't think anyone had any issue with their food. So naturally I looked forward to going back there again this week on a Tuesday. What a disappointment for all the three of us there that night. I don't know if the "usual" cook was off sick, or just having a bad day—but I cannot in good conscience go back there and spend good money to eat there again. I want to say the food was great (I have said it myself before) then I can go back there anytime for a good meal...But I just can't anymore. Maybe it was a fluke, or maybe the consistency of the final product is just not there on a Tuesday night (service was great though)...But whatever the reason it's just too bad. Roberto on Urbanspoon

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