Vacation: London, UK

Well it's my last day here in London, I have to say it's been great here overall. The weather has been sunny all week for me no rain at all (which is somewhat rare I hear).

I've used Twitter for some updates so you can check it out here if interested. I wish that my new UK cell phone always worked with Twitter (not sure why it cuts out sometimes) so that my updates would be much more complete...Oh well.

But, I have to say that cell phones here are WAY cheaper when compared to Montreal (and throughout Canada I'm sure). How cheap? Using "pay as you go" as a measuring stick: it's actually 2-3 times CHEAPER to call Montreal FROM LONDON, than it is to make a local call in Montreal. It's ridiculous how the phone companies rip us off in Canada. This is why I refuse to sign up for a plan.

Update: Added a few pics just for fun...

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