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Slow day, so I'll mention this restaurant now mainly because of the total makeover they had recently. It used to look like a breakfast counter type of restaurant but now after some major renovations looks pretty decent. Menu is the same and still inexpensive (can get a plate for ~$8). It's another option if you don't feel like making the trip to the Chinatown area.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Have you been back recently?! Although their prices haven't changed after their renovation, but have you noticed that there's less beef in the pho soup? lol... and there's also less rice noodles. So basically a medium is like a small and so on... it's just the "bowl" that makes it the S,M,L,XL size, but the contents have decreased for sure. But I like their hot sauce oil thing, the one with those pepper seeds mixed with oil. The lady told me that they preserve it themselves, like they have to fry the seeds etc etc. Add some into you pho soup next time, it adds extra flavor, but only if you can eat HOT!!! Haha... =D

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment! I haven't been there recently but when I do I rarely order the pho soup...I tend to eat the rice with BBQ'd meat dishes. But now I know about the soup and pepper seeds, thanks :)

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