Western Digital External Hard Drive Review

After some searching I luckily fell upon a pretty good deal on TigerDirect.ca (first time buyer there) for the external hard drive. It's the My Passport Essential Portable Hard Drive (400GB model). I was looking for two things: decent capacity and USB-powered, both which apply here. It's my first portable external hard drive so here are my 2 cents on it...
  • It's about 20% bigger than the iPod Touch, and maybe 3 times as thick...Easy to carry around.
  • It's plug and play with Windows, so I started transferring files the second I plugged it in the USB port.
  • Seems to transfer roughly 1 GB/minute (I didn't use a stop watch, but this is what Windows says...Seems to be a reasonably close estimate)...It's fast enough for my uses.
  • It works with the Xbox 360 no problem; movies and songs play right off it.
  • The drive is formatted in FAT32 (so file size limit is 4GB). This format works on the Xbox 360. I read that re-formating to NTFS and the Xbox 360 won't recognize it anymore.
My Passport Essential Portable Hard Drive

There's not much more to say except that only time will tell if this is a good purchase...Hard drive failures seem to be the deciding factor whether it's a good one or not. It comes with a 3-year warranty which is good...Hopefully I won't ever have to use it.

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