XBMC Aeon Skin

Last time I posted about modding my old Xbox, I thought that XBMC was a bit buggy and unstable. But it turns out that the problems were due to the lack of RAM. The Xbox has only 64MB of RAM. That's way less memory than even a standard netbook today (1GB of RAM, about 16 times more than the old Xbox). But who cares right? You just want it to work.

Most of the XBMC interface skin screenshots you see are simply stunning. So of course you want to try them out (and not stick to the nice looking and easy-to-use default skin). But, what I learned after some research was that the fancy looking HD skins were too "heavy" and ate up memory causing major memory issues on the Xbox. I tried some and just about gave up on fancy looking skins like Aeon and Mediastream.

But luckily the XBMC community is pretty active and I found a post where you can trim down the memory usage by using an Aeon "Lite". I tried it out and it works great (somehow I can even stream my HD videos to it using TVersity, even though I read that HD is not supposed to work on the Xbox...) When you see what you can do with the old Xbox and then see on Craigslist people selling their old Xboxes for $50—it's a true bargain when you know how (and have the time) to upgrade it like this.

When you think about it, it's actually amazing that XBMC even manages to do all that on the old Xbox...And generally doing more than what both the Xbox 360 and PS3 can do.

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