Tigerdirect.ca and Swiftgamers.com Review

I've always been cautious/paranoid about buying things online...But, lately I've taken the plunge with a couple of online stores, and have come out satisfied...

SwiftGamers.com Review
I ordered my antenna on Wednesday night received on Friday (they said 2-3 days, got it in less than 48 hours). Emails get a reply well under 24 hours...(I got them in minutes usually)...However, product selection seems small, since lots of items are listed out of stock.

TigerDirect.ca Review
Ordered my external hard drive on Saturday night received on Thursday (4 business days). I found lots of reviews for them from people who've bought from them. Pretty decent selection, even if web site looks sketchy.

So looks like Futureshop (bad service, so I try to avoid them anyways) and BestBuy.ca have some more competition for any kind of technology purchase I might make...Which is great, competition is always good...

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