Fellowes W-11C Cross-Cut Paper Shredder Review

I was looking for a paper shredder and ended up with this Fellowes one. Based on a whole four minutes of reading reviews, shredders in general seem to have a knack of breaking down. But, Fellowes seem to have a good name in the business for this type of stuff.

Of course, Futureshop.ca and Bestbuy.ca don't carry their products, so I trotted out to Wal-mart who surprisingly had three different models in stock.

The one I picked up was the only one with a 3-year warranty on the cutters (a long warranty is always a good sign). It's for occasional use and as it's my first shredder I was impressed by it's chopping ability. It can chop up to 11-sheets (only tried around 6-7 myself) of paper at once into small (small enough for me) bits. I'm no paper shredder expert, but I think it's a good buy.

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