Xbox 360: Dead Rising Review

Not much to write about so I'll just do a quick write up on the game I am playing these days:

So I finally decided to pick up this three year old zombies-in-a-mall game for the Xbox 360 (just as news about its sequel next year is starting to come about). I have to admit the game is a lot of fun—as long as you prepare yourself in advance, and know what to expect.

For this particular game walkthroughs were very important...Otherwise I'd probably be trashing this game for "forcing" you to play the entire game over every time you make a game save mistake (they purposely give you only one save slot).

The game is "time-sensitive" which means, if you don't leave yourself enough time to finish a mission then you're going to get a different game ending (and not the "true" ending). Either that or you can start the game over from the beginning. It's different in that sense, but fun. Great zombie thrashing game: Just grab whatever you can while you are in the mall, and start chopping zombies up. My favourite is jumping in a van and driving through hordes of zombies...Nothing like that in any other game I've played...

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