STM OPUS Card Scam: Revised

So last time the white-haired, rude, dismissive lady with a bad attitude (strange traits for someone who works in public services) tried to scam me...or was extremely incompetent...she was probably both.

So as this month comes to an end, I went to the ticket booth and explained my situation (again): the card works, I just cannot make purchases with it for whatever reason. This time I was directed to Berri-UQAM for further assistance (as you may have guessed I asked someone else for help this time).

So off I went to Berri-UQAM and went to the customer service booth where they promptly exchanged cards with me. Quite a difference from the speech I received a month ago from the rude lady. The speech went something like this, "I cannot exchange OPUS cards with you, You have to buy a new OPUS card, I don't know what you are doing with your OPUS card, the OPUS card lasts for years". The STM should have higher hiring standards.

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