Boxing Day: Surgical Strike

Since my IBM ThinkPad broke down, I had to go PC shopping. There were no deals leading up to Christmas, so I had to hope for something on Boxing Day. There actually was one PC I spotted at where they had over 200 in stock available for online purchase.

Unfortunately, it sold out in about two hours. It wasn't even a great Boxing Day deal, just a product at a fair price (which is not that easy in Canada, as you all know).

Anyways, I had no plans to brave the Boxing Day crowds, but I woke up early and thought, "Meh, why not?" So off I went. I strategically got there about 8 minutes before the store opened...And sure enough there was a huge line up...Maybe 100m long with about 200-300 people in it (some people took pics of the line). I almost turned back, but decided to wait in line for a few minutes just to see what would happen. I figured that most people already have a PC, and calculated that there would still be one left for me at the end of all this.

Once the doors opened my hope came true...Everyone in line was able to get in without having to wait outside! So I went in grabbed the PC, paid for it and left the store. All that in about 20 minutes! That's probably my best Boxing Day experience thus far.

Note: I try to stay away from Futureshop in general (bad service and rude personnel usually), but I honestly have no problems (yet) with the Futureshop in the Ville St. Laurent area.

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