Take Better Pictures

This Gizmodo post has some nice pointers for taking better pictures and how to get out of that rut of boring pictures...You know who you are!

From Gizmodo:
"Center-weighted photos are boring. Taking a photo of someone staring into the lens, with a half smile, and their mug dead center and generically framed against a washed out background is a great way to add a completely uninspiring snapshot to the history—and it's a long history!—of uninspired snapshots"
If you're lazy (the article is pretty long), the takeaway for me was this part:
"Try experimenting with the Rule of Thirds. Imagine that every scene you look at through your viewfinder is overlaid with a tic-tac-toe board. You want to capture interesting things in the intersection points of this 9-square grid and avoid putting things into the center square...Start looking for the Rule of Thirds in photography, advertising, and other visual media. You'll find it everywhere, and with good reason: It breaks up the monotony of center-weight focus and it's visually pleasing."
Good tip to remember.

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