Hockey Pool Winner!

It's been a while, but I've finally won our 5-man hockey pool! Yes, it feels good! Here are my picks for this year's winning hockey season (in order of points earned):

Brodeur, Martin
Ovechkin, Alex
Backstrom, Nicklas
Rinne, Pekka
Boyle, Dan
Kane, Patrick
Sedin, Daniel
Semin, Alexander
Streit, Mark
Nash, Rick
Toews, Jonathan
Johnson, Erik
Wideman, Dennis

Insurance players that did not count to my total:
Turco, Marty
Whitney, Ray
Ward, Cam
Hemsky, Ales
Souray, Sheldon

I pretty much dominated this year's pool...My team just kept distancing themselves from the others as the season progressed. In my analysis, Backstrom, Rinne and Kane all put up more points for me than expected in a big way...I could even say Brodeur did better than expected for me (I managed to grab him with my second round pick). Now I can pat myself on the back, and enjoy it until next year comes around...

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