Top 10 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook

Update Dec 2017: For some reason this post is popular, and when I read another article about how a former Facebook exec was talking about why people should quit or scale back their social media usage (Facebook included) I thought about adding it here too. I'm not a Facebook hater, just careful about my privacy and not crazy interested in all this social media stuff...Maybe I'm just old school.

Facebook articles that caught my attention over the years. Pretty soon this will be 10 articles about quitting Facebook.

My Original short post here:

I was never a big Facebook user and I'm glad I'm not. This is a somewhat interesting article (link removed as site is now dead)...But only if you care about privacy (most people probably don't really care if the number of Facebook apps people use are any indicator).

Also, here is another article about Facebook going rogue...But, again if you don't care about privacy, then there's nothing to see here...

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