iPod Touch v2.2 Upgrade to v4.0

I've been slightly grumbling recently about how my iPod Touch (OS 2.2) which I bought at release was already outdated a couple of months later (when they released OS 3.0, and asked you to pay ten bucks for the software update). On principle I refused to update it.
iPod Touch

But, it seems that Apple has come to their senses. It wasn't a smart move to shaft iPod Touch users like me, since it essentially rendered their most useful feature (the app store) useless to millions of customers—all for an incremental OS update (many/most apps require OS 3.0 or higher).

So of course, I was shocked to hear that I was able to upgrade my iPod Touch to OS 4.0 at ZERO cost (maybe the fact that I have not used iTunes for well over a year has me a bit behind the times). It should have been free in the first place (they're clearly making large margins on every iPod Touch sold already) so let's see if this common sense trend continues.

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