Montreal Dessert Places

For a city that's supposed to have good restaurants, it has always been disappointing to me that there not many good dessert places to try (or at least I'm not aware of) in Montreal. Especially when you want to sit down and eat some cake on a Friday/Saturday night.

My dessert place criteria:
  1. Not only take out, must be able to sit
  2. Open at night (ideally until midnight on a Friday or Saturday)
  3. Could be a "regular" restaurant where you can just order dessert
  4. Judging by dessert, i.e. if the main course sucks, and dessert is amazing it gets recommended
The few that I like:
  • Ben & Jerry’s: Amazing ice cream of course, but no idea about their hours.
  • Juliette et Chocolate: For crepes and chocolate stuff mostly.
  • Bilboquet: Nice selection of ice cream and sorbet. Tried the maple ice cream and pear sorbet. It lasted about 5 minutes, before I devoured it completely...
  • Broadway Cheesecakeco: Went once only, but they have a nice selection of cheesecakes.
On the bubble:
  • La Croissanterie Figaro: Tried carrot cake based on waiter recommendation. Decent. Will try something else next time (they ran out of chocolate swirl cheesecake which is why I was there in the first place...grrr).
  • Rumi: Literally across the street from Figaro, I tried the Afghan Pudding which must be an acquired taste...
Not really recommended:
  • Rockaberry: Just never liked their stuff.
  • Calories: Nothing to write home about, was pretty good before it was completely overhauled.
I'll probably update this post as I check out some more places...This is my new objective for the summer...To eat some amazing desserts in Montreal.

UPDATE: Aug. 4, Added Bilboquet to the list.
UPDATE: Aug. 16, Added Broadway Cheesecakeco to the list.
UPDATE: Aug. 20, Added Rumi the list.

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