Montreal: Bangkok Thai Restaurant Review (Inside Le Faubourg)

I've been to a couple of Thai restaurants before and maybe I just ordered the wrong things, but it just wasn't anything I'd want to revisit. The Thai Express food court chain also seems to be pretty popular in Montreal, but I just cannot eat that stuff...I really have no idea why people would actually line up to eat that, but to each their own.

Great Word of Mouth

Anyways, Bangkok is a Thai food court restaurant that I checked out (based on some good word of mouth). Since it was my first time there, I asked for a recommendation and the lady suggested the chicken with egg plant on rice. So I went for it (non-spicy for me). And the result? That was easily the best Thai dish I've ever eaten in Montreal. Another food court gem. I'd definitely check it out again if I'm in the area. However I'd probably not go there too often, as others have said they use MSG in their food (I do not know if this is true or not)...

Inside the Faubourg Food Court

There are likely many Thai restaurants at street level in the area on St.Catherine, but make no mistake it's in the Faubourg food court upstairs right next to the Dollarama (remember you're there for yummy Thai food, not the ambiance).

Note: As with most new restaurants I've never been to before, I'll usually order their most "popular" dish to base my review on...Try other dishes at your own risk! :P

Bangkok Restaurant Pictures

Food court view

Chicken Eggplant on Rice (my favorite)

Chicken Pad Thai

Update: I recently asked (Jan. 13, 2011) which were their most popular dishes, and besides the chicken egg plant, garlic pepper chicken and chicken Pad Thai were also mentioned. I can vouch for the garlic pepper chicken; even the vegetables were tasty...I look forward to trying the Pad Thai now...

Update 2: Pad Thai is ok...Chicken eggplant is easily my first choice...Been there countless times now and plan to keep going.

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  1. Added some food photos of two of their more popular dishes: chicken egg plant on rice and chicken pad thai.

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